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Food Bank

Veteran of the Year Award

Food Bank History:

Starting with the very first meeting of the Catholic War Veterans Post 1947 in 2006, members were asked to bring canned and dry goods items for establishing a food bank to assist Veterans and families in need. This effort has expanded over the past seven years with the invaluable assistance of individuals, churches, businesses, other veterans units, radio stations, charitable organizations, and the Southern Nevada Veterans Admisistration Volunteer Services Program to supply needed food to an average of 23 needy veterans and families per month.

In June 2011, the Post 1947 welfare program was turned over to our 501(c)(3) Public Charity, the Catholic Veterans of Nevada Charity Foundation (doing business as {DBA} Veterans Care Assistance Program or VCAP), to better serve our clients and to be able to receive grants from donors.

In November 2011, Post members and Foundataion volunteers delivered 101 Thanksgiving food baskets averaging $100.00 each to needy veterans and families. Between June and December 2011, the Foundation supplied $51,500.00 in canned food and dry goods product to veterans and families plus $3,600.00 in bread to homeless shelters.

In 2012, Post members and Foundation volunteers delivered $63,652 worth of canned and dry goods and $866 worth of fresh and frozen meats to needy veterans and families. That year, the Foundation destributed $22,606 worth of clothing to hospitalized veterans and the needy, $146,453 worth of merchant discount coupons to overseas active military families and stamps to the Wounded Warrior Project, $2,210 worth of decaf coffee and supplies to VA Clinics, and $127,794 of Stand-Down materials to homeless veterans.

Food Bank Operation:

Since most of the veterans and families in need do not have adequate transportation, Catholic War Veterans Post 1047 members and Foundation volunteers volunteer to deliver the food to the needy. Requests for assistance are screened by the Veterans Administration Welfare Division. Frequently, Food Store gift cards are given to the clients for perishable items, such as produce and milk, and to cover items, such as baby food, that are not normally available at the Food Bank.

The following pictures show the arrangement of the Food Bank after a very welcome donation:

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