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Food Bank

Veteran of the Year Award

The mission of the Catholic Veterans of Nevada Charity Foundation, doing business as Veterans Care Assistance Program (VCAP), is to conduct charitable functions as well as to raise funds for charitable causes.

Programs Offered:

  1. Maintain and operate a food bank to aid veterans, their families and others in the community
  2. Provide financial assistance for rent and/or utilities to prevent homelessness. Provide financial aid in emergency situations. When the Foundation is unable to meet the financial needs, the foundation will refer the client to other community resources.
  3. The Foundation participates in a community sponsored stand-down for homeless veterans each October and assists homeless individuals daily.
  4. The Foundation provides assistance and guidance in obtaining housing with other community partners.
  5. The Foundation collaborates with Job Connect of Southern Nevada and other employment agencies to help clients gain employment.
  6. The Foundation provides assistance for clients to obtain Identification, Health and other necessary documents to begin employment.
  7. The Foundation has a Service Officer available to assist veterans, their families, and orphans in applying for VA medical care, benefits, and compensation.

Fund Raising:

  1. Mail solicitation - invitations to fund raising events
  2. E-mail solicitation and personal letter requests for donations
  3. Foundation applies for grant solicitation
  4. Accepting donations on web site PayPal Account
  5. Receiving donations from other organizations
  6. The Foundation will accept contributions of real property; works of art or music, automobiles, boats, and other vehicles.
  7. The Foundation also raises funds through two poppy drives each year, special dinners and working at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


  1. Is open to all individuals regardless of race, creed, national origin or gender. There are no dues, but we encourage members to volunteer their time and talent in one of our programs.
  2. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Officers. (see list of officers)
  3. All Foundation members are volunteering their time and no one receives any form of compensation.

2012 Results

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2013 Results

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